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8 Great Tips For Photography Beginners

1. Hold off on buying gear

Don’t go crazy buying the most expensive equipment right away When you're first getting into photography it can be really tempting to go out and buy as much new and expensive gear as possible. We recommend holding off doing this and learning how to use the gear you already have. This way you can learn the limitations of your current gear and make an informed decision on what gear to buy next. Remember it's the person behind the camera that counts.

Hold off on buying gear
Learn with whatever gear you have to begin with,

2. Consider a tripod

Tripods are one of the most useful tools in photography for a number of reasons. For landscape photographers and studio photography it can be essential to keep your camera in the same place. This adds extra stability and can help to eliminate camera shake if you find that is an issue for you. They are also an essential tool in areas of low light. Keeping you camera exposing for longer in these low light areas will allow enough light to hit your cameras sensor and expose the correct image, whilst keeping the camera stable and your image sharp.

Consider A Tripod
A good tripod can be a life saver.

3. Be ready to shoot anytime, any place

Keep your camera with you all the time It's a great idea to keep your camera with you all of the time, or as much as possible. You never know when the perfect shot or moment will present itself.

Be ready to shoot anytime, any place
Keep your camera with you as much as possible.

4. Enjoy the learning process When you're learning photography it's important to remember that you're learning the skill. This means that you're going to make mistakes. Don't be disheartened in these moments, figure out what went wrong and try it again.

Enjoy the learning process
Photography is fun. Remember that.

5. Back up your photos and avoid heartbreak

Make sure you back up all of your images regularly and sensibly. There's plenty of storage options to take advantage of with the likes of Dropbox, External hard drives and other cloud services.

Back up your photos and avoid heartbreak
Backing up your photography is essential.

6. Fix Your Weak Points

Don't shy away from your weak points. The more you do this the more you will become set in your ways and only shoot what you're comfortable shooting. Get outside of your comfort zone and push your photography. Not only will you become a better photography, you'll become a more confident photographer.

Fix Your Weak Points
Don't shy away from things you don't feel confident in.

7. Move around your shooting location

When you're photographing your subject or your scene, move around and find new angles and perspectives. It's not uncommon for people to stand in one spot and just look around them. By moving around, crouching, getting up high or as low as possible you're able to find the best and most unique angles for your images.

Move around your shooting location
Don't play stuck in the mud. Move around and find that great shot.

8. Take Your Time

Sometimes when you're out shooting, things can happen so quickly that we rush to capture a scene. Where possible it's best to take your time, check your settings and make sure you're using your camera correctly. It's better to capture the prefect shot than it is to capture a rushed image that's out of focus.

You also run the risk of dropping lenses, tripods or the entire camera. Look after your gear.

Take Your Time
Make this part of your workflow. Take your time, check your settings and then start shooting.


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