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Cameras Are For Life. Not Just For Christmas.

Cameras are for life. Not just for Christmas.

Every year at Christmas thousands of cameras are bought for close friends and family members. A fantastic gift that's capable of capturing a lifetime of moments.

So many of these cameras are left to collect dust after the festivities end. They lose their shine, and new technology pushes them to the side as we prepare for a return to a life of work and school runs.

These cameras need attention, to be loved. They need to see the light, to have their apertures opened as far as they can go. They need to see life and moments that are to be frozen in time forever. Every shutter must be pressed and pressed again. Yes it can be easier on your phones, yes they can be tricky to learn, but if you love the camera, the craft, the art, it will love you back.

Don't neglect your camera. Come and learn with us at the Bedfordshire School of Photography. Our beginner's course starts on the 5th March.


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