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Our New Digital Photography Course

We've been hard at work putting together our brand new digital beginner's photography course which is now available for download from the site shop. (Click here to visit)

This digital course is perfect for people that are completely new to photography and want to get a basic understanding of camera functions and how to get better photos out of your camera straight away.

This course is also suitable for those of you that want to brush up on your photography skills and give you more in-depth knowledge on how to use your camera correctly.

Throughout this ten lesson digital photography course we cover:

  • How to hold your camera correctly

  • Adjusting the camera to your eye

  • Focusing your camera

  • Camera modes

  • Understanding ISO

  • Understanding Aperture

  • Getting to grips with different compositional methods

  • Depth of field

We've carefully designed this course so that we don't overload you with information that doesn't make sense out of context. As a result, we've put together a course that is as practical as we can make it where we give you the chance to pause the course or between sessions pick up your camera and practice what we've just explained.

The course includes 10 separate lessons that cover essential beginner elements to photography.


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