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Exterior and Interior Tips & Advice

As you know, this week we're begging the actual shooting phase of the Architecture / Interior and Exterior project.

Hopefully you have a good idea of the shots you'd like to be taking this week and if you've had the time to research other images or put together a mood-board of some sort then it would be fantastic if we can share those images and ideas with everyone next lesson.

In preparation for Tuesday's lesson and the weeks ahead I wanted to share a few tips and ideas for you all.

1. Twilight Shooting

When we shoot interior or exterior images often this is done at twilight. The reason for this, is that during this 30-40 minute window the natural light balances perfectly with the artificial light inside and outside of most buildings. You'll want to consider this for your images and plan to be set up in time for this short window of opportunity.

2. Shape

Look for shape. Lines, curves, repeating patterns. All of these things can make for some very interesting images. In some cases architecture is less about the building and more about any shape you can find within it.

3. Gear

You want to make sure you have the correct gear with you for your shoots. You don't need a lot for this particular project but a tripod is a must (we can provide one if you don't own one). Another piece of gear to consider would be a remote trigger.

If you do decide to try a composite image which involves layering a lot of images together in Photoshop post shoot, then you'll want to be sure each image is taken in exactly the same spot and a good tripod along with a remote trigger will guarantee that.

4. Research and Mood Boards

We don't require you to put together sketchbooks or pages of written work for any of our projects. However, researching photographers for each project and building a mood-board of ideas to give you a general idea of the look and style you like can be a great asset.


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