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New Monthly Photo Theme April 2019

So our first 'Monthly Photo Theme' was introduced in March for all current and former students on the invitation only Facebook Group Page. The first theme was Nature and we had some great images posted with a number of students contributing.

We shortlisted 8 images as 'Highlighted' which was very difficult to do, so we looked at a range of different criteria that enabled us to make a decision on which images to 'Highlight'.

Essentially good use and demonstration of correct camera technique was the most important, making sure images were sharp, well composed and used the appropriate camera settings.

So we looked for Colour, Composition, Creativity, Depth Of Field, Rule Of Thirds, Shutter Speed and so on.

So on to April and the new theme for this month is Shadow. We're really looking forward to seeing what the students can come up during this month!


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