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Rule Of Thirds

So the latest project for Course 1 has just completed; Rule of Thirds is a vital composition technique to learn as it can dramatically improve your photography. In the last few months we've been asking students to upload their project images on the BSOP Facebook Group page instead of bringing them in to class to show. We've done it this way so others can also offer feedback and it's great experience for everyone to shoot, download, edit and then upload their final images online.

At BSOP we don't just concentrate on essential camera techniques that every photographer should learn but we also look to the future. Many students are afraid of modern technology but it's such a big part of photographers lives in that the traditional portfolio case we used to carry around to show off our work is no longer necessary. On our homepage you'll see some students have their own online gallery which is a great way to show off their work and by learning how to upload images from your camera and computer on to social media is now absolutely essential.


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