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The Year Ahead

2018 was a fantastic year for the Bedfordshire School of Photography. We saw a big increase the amount of people wanting to take their photography skills to the next level. By coming to us they've done just that and have increased their passion for photography.

We were able to add to the number of courses we held last year and even had to up the entry limit due to the amount of interest we received for our Beginners Photography and Photoshop Course. (Our next beginners course is set to run this year on the 5th March. Book your place today to guarantee a space - Click here to book)

We've formed a partnership with Bedford Creative Arts and The Cultural Challenge. We're looking to work more closely with them in bringing the fantastic creative outlet of photography to more people throughout Bedfordshire. You can take a look at our Bedford Creative Arts profile by clicking the link here.

We now have some exciting new things lined up for 2019.

Later this year our Course 1 students will have the option to graduate onto Course 2 and take on the challenges that the more advanced course 2 offers.

We're in the process of setting up a Black and White Film Processing course that will be happening this year, with a date to be announced in the next few months. Shooting on film really brings together a photographers technical ability to operate the camera. A lot can still be learnt from thinking like a film photographer. Click here to read out article of 'Think Like Film'

Think Like Film
Think Like Film

Our latest addition to the courses we offer here at the Bedfordshire School of Photography is our Studio Portraiture Course. We've had a number of people get in contact over the last year really interested in learning how to shoot portraits in studio conditions. We do touch in this in both Courses 1 and Courses 2; but we felt it was necessary to start to offer this the main focus in it's own course. That course is set to run on the 24th September this year. We can only take on a set amount of students for this course so it can be a good idea to book your place as soon as you're able to. Click here to book your place.

Studio Photography courses in Bedfordshire


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