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During this beginners course, we take a look at the essential things you need to know in order to get started with Adobe Lightroom. For many people, Lightroom is a bit of an elusive program. Most people have used Photoshop or see it has the primary editing suite for your images and whilst you may have heard of Lightroom, you may not really know why its used in conjunction with or in place of Photoshop for a lot of photographers.


The main reason is batch editing. You'll find out just what we mean when you watch the course.


Throughout this ten lesson digital photoshop course we cover:


  • The Importance of folder structure for your images
  • An explanation of the user interface and importing images
  • Understanding the catalogue and creating collections
  • Sorting through large batches of images
  • Cropping your images
  • Making general corrections to your images
  • Cropping and resizing your photos
  • Exporting your images
  • and more!

We've carefully designed this course so that we don't overload you with information that doesn't make sense out of context. As a result, we've put together a course that is as practical as we can make it where we give you the chance to pause the course or between sessions have a go at editing your own images.


The course includes 10 separate lessons that cover essential beginner elements to Lightroom.

Digital Beginners Lightroom Course

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