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For many people, the next step in improving their photography skills is to start editing their photos. You may be a very skilled photographer, but in today's world, you really want to be able to get the best out of your photos by editing them. This doesn't necessarily mean spending hours retouching your images, but by understanding how to get the best out of your photos with a few tweaks can take your images to another level.


In this beginners Photoshop course, we talk you through the basics of how to edit your photos. We show you the ideal way to organise your files, give your images corrections and touch on some retouching that will allow you to edit your photos to perfection. This is the perfect course for anyone looking to further understand photoshop and for those that are completely new to the world of editing.


Throughout this ten lesson digital photoshop course we cover:


  • The Importance of folder structure for your images
  • An explanation of the user interface and opening images
  • Making general corrections to your images
  • Saving images in photoshop and file types
  • Cropping and resizing your photos
  • Understanding layers 
  • Adjustment layers and working non-destructively
  • An Introduction into retouching with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Further retouching with Spot Healing tool
  • Understanding layer masks

We've carefully designed this course so that we don't overload you with information that doesn't make sense out of context. As a result, we've put together a course that is as practical as we can make it where we give you the chance to pause the course or between sessions have a go at editing your own images.


The course includes 10 separate lessons that cover essential beginner elements to Photoshop.

Digital Beginners Photoshop Course

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