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Frequently Asked Questions

It's not unusual to have some questions about the courses and what we offer. Below is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. 
  • How can I enroll on a course?
    It’s really easy, you select the course you would like to attend and click on the ‘Book Now' button or call us on on 01234 841912.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    The youngest age to book is 18 and from there you can be 80, 90 or more! (Younger students can join with written consent from parent/guardian, but must contact us before booking).
  • What camera and equipment do I need?
    Any digital camera will do from a ‘point and shoot’ right through to an expensive DSLR. Please don’t buy a better camera than the one you already have before the course starts. We prefer you to upgrade as and when you feel restricted with what you currently have.Remember it’s the photographer who takes the photo!A tripod is the only additional piece of equipment we ask you to have from the very first lesson as this will enable you to cover all aspects of the course. A basic camera tripod will be sufficient.
  • Do I get a qualification at the end of a course?
    There is no formal qualification with any of the courses. We have designed everything for those people who have a desire to learn but don’t wish to compete with project deadlines and large amounts of written work.Depending on which course you choose we have taken elements from NCFE, A Level, BTEC and HNC Photography courses.
  • How do I know which course is right for me?
    1 - If you have not studied photography formally at college you need to enroll on Course 1 2 - If you have achieved NCFE Level 1 you can then enroll on Course 2 3 - If you have achieved NCFE Level 2 you can then enroll on Course 3 and then Course 4 Please check the level requirements before you book either Course 2, 3 or 4 as it is your responsibility to book the correct level. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or e-mail so that we can assess ability and advise you on the right level for you.
  • I’ve been taking photos for years, what course would be best for me?"
    Course 1 is still the best place to start. We find that people who ‘have experience’ don’t really understand the basics so it’s always best to refresh your knowledge.
  • I feel Course 2 is best for me as I take a lot of photos what should I do?
    You have to fully understand everything in Course 1 before starting Course 2.If you enroll on Course 2 we cannot go back and teach individuals on things that are covered during Course 1.
  • I have a camera but have no idea how to use it?
    That’s great! During the first session on Course 1 you’ll be well on your way!
  • Do I have to have my own camera?
    Yes you have to bring your own camera as we don’t supply cameras.
  • Can I do the course on a mobile phone camera?
    Yes and no. You will find that you will be severely restricted with the tasks on a mobile phone.
  • What do I need to bring to the lessons?
    Camera, tripod, notepad, pen, a drink and something to eat if you think you’ll get hungry! Keep an eye on the weather as you will be going outside with your camera, so make sure you are comfortable and able to keep warm and dry outside.
  • If I leave at any point during the course do I get a refund?
    Although we cannot refund all or part of your course fee should you decide to leave during the course we will do our utmost to provide you with support afterwards. This may be through messaging, phone/video call. We are very approachable and understanding always wanting to ensure you feel that you have value for money even if you leave early.
  • I’m afraid I’ll be out of my depth, not understand anything and everyone will be much better than me. What should I do?"
    The courses have been designed for you to learn and enjoy at your own pace. We will be there to inspire and motivate you regardless of your ability. You really need not worry.One reason for introducing these courses is that students will learn without the need to produce written work or have deadlines. There is no Pass or Fail.
  • I’m no good with computers, I don’t even know how to turn one on!"
    If you don’t know how to turn a computer on then we’ll show you what to do. Regardless of your ability and previous knowledge (or lack of) you’ll be fine.
  • I’d like to enrol on a Photoshop course, which one is right for me?"
    We offer One-to-One Photoshop and Lightroom sessions on an hourly basis. This ensures each student gets the best out of each session.
  • I have more questions, is there someone I can ask?"
    Yes of course you can. Email : or Phone: 07836336740
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