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For all students that have completed Level 1 there is the option to join our Level 2 Photography Course.

"The course is relaxed and informal covering not only how to use your camera but also how to make the best of your photographs"

Our Next Level 2 Course Starts
May 9th 2023

Time and location

18:45pm - 21:00pm


8.00am - 10.00am 


This course will consist of 8 sessions split between Tueaday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Location: Bedford Academy, Mile Rd, Bedford MK42 9TR, UK

About the course

Cost: £249.00

Duration: 8 Weeks


Our Photography Course 2 continues on from Course 1 with the expected level of work taken to a higher standard. We'll look at developing a greater understanding of your camera and photography techniques through a series of practical projects and will be visiting different locations to shoot at.


The loosely themed informal projects allow you to express your creativity and understanding of photography without having to produce any formal or written coursework/exams.


Course Entry Requirements

It is essential to have covered Course 1 before enrolling on Course 2.


Additional Learning Support

We are able to put in place arrangements to assist any students with disabilities or other needs. For more information on this please call us on 01234 841912.

Our Next Level 2 Course Starts
9th May 2023

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