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5 Photography Tips To Take On Board Before The End Of 2019

I don't think there's ever been a time where photography has been so present in our everyday lives. With the rise of social media and the likes of Facebook and Instagram in particular, we're seeing more and more photography than ever before. As a result, it's also never been easier to pick up a camera and start shooting. Here are some simple ideas and tips for anyone that is considering picking up a camera and trying their luck at capturing some fantastic images.

1. Use any camera

There's a lot of gear snobbery in photography. “This lens is better than that lens.” “This camera body is more up to date and has a larger, better quality sensor.” If you're wondering about where to start your photography journey, the best advice we can give you is this. Don't worry about it. Use any camera that you have access to. This could be an old DSLR, a disposable camera or a mobile phone.

The quality that is produced by modern smartphones is astonishing and they're only going to get better. If you're just starting in photography, shooting on a mobile phone is perfect. Your phone is always with you, so you'll never be without a camera to capture that next great shot.

2. Don't worry about what other people think

For many of us, it can be a bit daunting stepping outside to take pictures. We often feel like we have to sneak our shots in or take the photo when no else is around. This is more of a confidence issue than anything else. The more you get out there and just focus (no pun intended) on what you're capturing, the less you'll care or even think about what other people are doing around you.

Besides, most people aren't paying that much attention.

3. Plan Where You're Going To Shoot

It's not very easy or inspiring to just head out somewhere and wait for a photo to present itself to you. Yes, we can take great shots anywhere when we're thinking creatively – but make it easier for yourself. Plan where you want to go. Check the weather, pack the right gear, take a coffee in a flask and head out. You'll feel so much more inspired and that will shine through in your photography.

4. Consider light

One of the most important things to consider when you head out to take photos is to think about the quality of the light and the time of day you'll be taking photos. If it's an evening shoot are you going to be losing too much light to get the best photos possible? Do you need to wait until the evening to capture the perfect sunset at twilight?

These are all really important factors. By thinking about this and planning ahead of time you'll make everything so much easier for yourself.

5. Just get out and do it

The only thing stopping people from going out and taking great photos is ourselves. When we're stuck in bed on a Saturday morning and snoozing the alarm it's all too easy to put off getting up and heading out to shoot. The best advice we can give is just get up, get out and get stuck in. You'll soon forget how cosy you were in bed and instead, you'll feel great that you've had a creative and productive morning.

These are just a few short tips that will help you get your start in Photography. If you like what you've read please share this article online and take a look at the rest of the site for more tips and advice.


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